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United Arab Emirates (UAE), the word itself is a magical word. The UAE is one of the most innovative country globally. The UAE stands in the third position being the world’s safest country as per the latest crime index 2020. The UAE always supports and empowers the woman to start their own business or enterprise in the UAE. In the UAE, Dubai is leading the trading hub from where you are able to access the market globally and locally.

  • The positive relationship between government and the public
  • Regional economic growth and liberalization that is set to boost demand
  • A strategic location right in the heart of one of the world’s richest regions
  • A diversified market with wide import requirements that offers immense opportunities for suppliers of most products
  • International standard of infrastructure and high-quality services provided by the government in the region
  • Many of the successful organizations that come into Dubai bring the right organizational design, strategies and marketing campaigns and high calibre talent to sustain growth and the evolution of local business.

What are the benefits of conducting business in Dubai, including anywhere in the UAE?

  • A dynamic business cultures.
  • A highly developed transport infrastructure.
  • A developing financial and services sector.
  • The best international exhibition and conference venues.
  • High-quality office and residential accommodations.

Women are always interested to do small kind of business and make small saving or earnings. Even the Government and free zones are always eager to support women entrepreneurs in the UAE. The Government authorities come with a good initiative to encourage women to start small scale business with low investments. Most of the women in UAE are university graduates which makes it easy for them to start a business in a small scale as they can operate from their comfortable place/apartment like e-commerce or web portal etc.

What are the different types of policies adopted by the UAE government and Free zone Authorities to empower women in the UAE?

  • Government policies

 The UAE Government, especially the Dubai government is always eager to introduce new policies to empower women in the region. It does not matter if one is a local Emirati or expatriates. The rules and regulation are equal for all. In the year 2006, the Dubai Government introduced Dubai women Establishment (DWE). The main aim of this wing is to support women to be a good entrepreneur. That will also help in the growth of the economy of the country.  Dubai Economic Department introduces E – Trader license to attract women and young entrepreneurs to start their business with bare minimum investment.  Now even free zones are providing great opportunities to women to start their business. One of the Free Zone in Sharjah has introduced the Women Entrepreneur package, in which a woman can start their business with a minimum fee. Women can form a free zone company with AED 5,750/- and you can add three activities in one license irrespective of the business activities like trading or consultancy.

  • Visa for widows and expatriate divorcees

Before 2018, widows and expatriate divorcees had to leave the country along with their sponsor when the visa was cancelled. But after 2018, the UAE government has introduced new visa rules for widows and expatriate divorcees in the UAE. The new amendment is that the widowed women or expatriate divorcees are approved to stay in the country until the expiry of their visa. Also now widows and divorcees are allowed to obtain a one-year visa and also, they can sponsor their dependents.

  • Ten – year visa for investor/entrepreneurs

 Recently, the UAE government has introduced a ten year or long-term visa for the investors and entrepreneurs in the region. So, entrepreneurs including women are very interested to start their business or invest in the UAE with the introduction of the long-term visa in the UAE. The Government has also introduced a new visa policy to attract more investors and entrepreneurs in the UAE. The new policy enhances women to be more stable and build confidence in their business for the long term. This progressive policy will change the vision of entrepreneurs and investors.

  • Specific industry

Women are eager to start some specific type of business like e-commerce, web portal, HR Consultancy, management consultancy etc. This kind of business activities can be conducted from home also and they can work on their own free times. So, whenever the government or Free Zones are introducing new policies or offers of licenses for women entrepreneurs, they are more interested in it. Also, there are many social groups and community to help women in the UAE to start small scale businesses with minimum investment. Women are mainly focused on different socials media like Face book, Instagram etc. to promote their business activity and attract the client easily. The current government and Free Zone authority’s rules & regulations always promote women and young entrepreneurs to start their business. Also, the authorities promote small scale business with minimum investment.

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