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Excise Tax

Excise tax is an indirect tax generally levied on goods that are considered harmful to the health of the general public. The aim of the excise tax is therefore to discourage consumption of those specific goods by the general public.

It is payable by any person engaged in the activities listed below, specifically:

  • Importers of excise goods
  • Producers of excise goods
  • Persons releasing goods from an excise tax designated zone
  • Warehouse keepers
  • Stockpilers of excise goods, in certain cases

There may also be a limited number of cases where excise tax becomes the duty of another person involved in any of the above activities, where the person originally liable for the tax fails to pay. In all other cases, where a business or consumer purchases excise goods within the UAE they can usually expect that excise tax has been accounted for on the goods within the UAE by the supplier (and will be included in the purchase price for the goods). In certain cases, excise goods will be physically labelled to indicate that excise tax has been paid in respect of those goods.

ANK Global will assist you on excise tax issues and will be providing below services on your demand:

  • Excise Tax Registration
  • Excise Tax Return Filing
  • Excise Designated Zone Registration
  • Excise Compliance Services
  • Excise Product Registration.